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About Us


Maui ‘Ohana Collective (MOC) fosters a love of learning through art, music and nature, with academics inspired by developmentally conscious, Waldorf-inspired curriculum.

Waldorf education enlivens the physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, spiritual, and social capacities of the human being.

Curriculum is integrated so to support an individual as they move through their phases of life. 

MOC brings the following to students and families:

  • Reverence for Ancient Hawaiian wisdom

  • Sustainable garden education on our operational farm - Laulima Garden 'Ohana

  • Experiential learning through Waldorf pedagogy 

  • Cultural Festivals, Plays and Performances - open to the larger community

waldorf art

Our Story

Maui 'Ohana Collective has been practicing a neighborhood schooling model of alternative education since 2002, empowering people of close geographic regions to form small educational communities, addressing community needs and sharing resources with one another.



MOC was founded by Kether Hollabaugh, a Waldorf-credentialed educator whose journey into sustainable gardening and the food security movement began on the island of Molokai in 1995.  Since then, she has become a pioneer in creating Waldorf community homeschooling for hundreds of families, with local sustainable agriculture for children and their families serving as the cornerstone. 






MOC was born in 2002 (formerly as Na ‘Ohana Anuene) and has served children ages 3-15 across three of the Hawaiian islands – Molokai, Big Island, and for the past decade, Maui.  Her passion, under the direction of Hawaiian elders, her late Kumu (Hawaiian treasure) Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a, her current mentor Uncle George Kahumoku Jr, as well as many other cultural leaders, is to build bridges between Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian peoples, by co-creating multi-generational, nature-based educational opportunities and environments for children,  their families, and the community.

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Waldorf-Festivals - Michaelmas
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